One of the best lighted houses in Finland

21 02 2009


In Seinäjoki, Finland, there was on 21.2.2009 a Jämerä-Stonehouse (made of aircrate) showing. What made that occasion very special, was the lighting of the house: the whole house was lighted with fullspectrum daylight lamps, both compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and fluorescent tubes (FSL). If this house would build in 2015, all the lighting would be LED.
There is plenty of good light in the house which is very important because the family has children. Children need a lot of daylight to be able to develop in a good way. The lighting was carried out mostly indirectly by fullspectrum lamps and tubes. The family is very satisfied with this lighting.
Her the 226 sqm, 2-store, 7-room Jämerä-Stonehouse almost completed.
Hallway. A Jasmina 2×36 W -fixture.Very adequate lighting. Good visibility.
“Dirt” entry. A Jasmina 2×18 W -fixture. Good visibility.
Kitchen. Underneath the cupboard there are normal (14, 21, 28, 35 W) IP64 Saalinki-fixtures. The moulding will be fitted to prevent glare. Their electronics (ballast) are placed  on top of the cupboard.
Kitchen. Saalinki-fixtures  on top of the cupboards. High Power lamps (24, 39, 49 ja 54 W) are being used. Excellent visibility on the desk.
Kitchen. A Milano 2×54 W pendant lamp. The lighting in kitchen is of more than 30 W/sqm.
Kitchen. Excellent lighting.
Kitchen. Saalinki-fixtures under the cupboard,
electronics on top of it.
Kitchen. Lamps are placed overlapping in order to get  an even lighting.
Kitchen. Viva-Lite-lamp  is attached underneath the cupboard (or on moulding) with metallic clips.
Kitchen. A hood from Lapetek. The original lamp has been changed to 21 W Viva-Lite -lamp. Excellent visibility and no glare from the ceramic stove.
Living room. Indirect lighthing by High Power (49 or 54 W) Viva-Lite tubes with dimmable electronics.
Living room. A stylish moulding round the room above the windows. Excellent visibility.
Living room. A stylish moulding.
Living room. Stylish moulding, excellent visibility.
Bedroom. A 2×55 W Jasmina-fixture.
Bedroom. Saalinki-fixtures  on top of the cabinet. Lighting is sufficient for reading in bed.
Bedroom. Saalinki-fixtures  on top of the cabinet. Good visibility.
Bedroom. Saalinki-fixtures  above windows on top of moulding. In front a Lugano-pendant lamp with Viva-Lite tubes.
Bedroom. Saalinki-fixtures  on top of moulding.
Bedroom. A 2×55 W Jasmina-fixture gives a good and glarefree lighting.
Bedroom. Saalinki-fixture on top of moulding.
Utility room. Two 2×18 W:n Jasmina-fixtures give a good and even lighting also on desks.
Under the stairs. Indirect lighting.
Under the stairs. A IP20-Saalinki-fixture.
The stairs. Saalinki-fixtures  will be placed later in corners behind moulding.
Upstairs hallway. Two 2×35 W Lugano-fixtures with Viva-Lite tubes.
Bedroom. Seen from upstairs hallway. A Lugano-fixture in the foreground.
Walk-in-closet. A 2×18 W Jasmina-fixture gives sufficient lighting.
Toilet nr 1. A 2×18 W:n Jasmina shows the colours beautifully.
Toilet nr 2. A 2×18 W:n Jasmina shows the colours beautifully..
Bathroom. Saalinki-fixtures  around the lowered ceiling. They will be covered with opal panels.
Bathroom. Saalinki-fixtures  around the lowered ceiling. Very sufficient lighting.
Sauna. Under the bench on both sides a 18 W TR3-fixture (IP67), with  Viva-Lite-daylight lamp.
Sauna. Under the bench on both sides a 18 W TR3-fixture (IP67), with  daylight lamp. The wooden bench seems beautiful.
Sauna. Lighting comes beautifully  through the openings on the bench.
Sauna. Lighting comes beautifully  through the openings on the bench. No glare.
In 2015 this sauna would be lighted with LED.