A house lighted with full spectrum Viva-Lite

25 03 2009


Today I made a lighting plan for a bigger house together with the owner/builder. See here the first lighting plan of the ground floor and the second floor. They ordered almost 70 Viva-Lite daylight lamps and more than 50 meters of stylish moulding for indirect lighting. See more about these mouldings. Click the picture on the right and click Wallstyl WT4. Yet another happy family with children.

Keep workers alert with daylight lighting

24 03 2009


Perhaps you still remember the  Exxon Valdez oil spill. It happened today twenty years ago. What has this to do with this blog full of light? Afterwards it became clear that one of the main reasons for this disaster as well as for Chernobyl disaster 1986 was tiredness in monitoring work. In monitoring work it is essential to keep workers alert. A bright, daylight like lighting would help in most natural way.

Avoid halogen lighting

21 03 2009


I just wrote to a webforum under header Renewal of lighting trends: “Halogen lighting has been a trend for years in home lighting. Although the most common halogen lamps and incandescent lamps are to be removed from the market in a couple of years, they are still being recommended for some reason. Woudn´t it be time for a change already? Those lamps use too much energy and they have a negative affect on climate change. They are a fire and glare risk. That is why there is no reason to store them for rest of life.”

A unquestionable fact is that the older your eyes get the worse you see with warm toned incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and standard energy saving lamps. Viva-Lite lamps are of great help.

School lighting with full spectrum daylight

9 03 2009


Today I discussed school lighting with Minister of Education Henna Virkkunen and also with Member of Parliament Ilkka Kanerva on their Turku-visit. Both of them found the issue very important. They became also informed on a Viva-Lite school lighting trial going on in Turku and Stockholm school lighting trial.

Today we also got the biggest order this year so far: 60 fluorescent light fixtures and 130 Viva-Lite fluorescent tubes and energy saving lamps to Haapajärvi.