The most artistic house in the word with daylight lighting

15 08 2009


Life on a Leaf

Life on a Leaf cake

Today I was at the house opening party by artist Jan-Erik Andersson.  The house is absolutely most artistic in the word. You have never seen a house like that. It is also the part of Andersson’s studies for a doctorate degree in visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. See more here:  Life on a Leaf. The whole house is lighted with Viva-Lite full spectrum lamps. Under the Viva Lite lamps the colors of the house are real and beautiful. Also the cake had a shape of the leaf house.


Dentist’s office and Viva-Lite

12 08 2009


Daylight lighting of a big dental office in Turku. All lighting by Viva-Lite. Fittings by Fagerhult’s Indigo Combo with 54 W:n Viva-Lite lamps. Would it not be nice to sit in a dentists chair and look at this picture?

Viva-Lite above dentits chair

Viva-Lite above dentits chair

A home lighted with full spectrum lamps

3 08 2009


Here is the video of perhaps only totally with full spectrum lamps lighted house in the word. Or do you know another? It is situated at Valkeakoski, Finland, where the housing fair in 2009 is.

A living room with Viva-Lite daylighting

A living room with Viva-Lite daylighting

The high room with Viva-Lite fittings in the corners of the living room.