Light blocking glasses for your health

15 10 2009


I have tested these evening glasses for some days.

Light blocking glasses

Light blocking glasses

The goggles have special lenses that block 98 % of blue wavelength light (the color of light that suppresses melatonin). Normal sun glasses are not for this purpose.  They are to be worn in the evening at home, especially while watching TV or working on the computer.  It turns out that TV screens and computer monitors both emit a great deal of blue light, and sitting in front of either in the hours before going to bed is one of the worst things you can do for your sleep  pattern, since it confuses the brain (it is getting ready for night-time yet is receiving this signal to suppress melatonin).  These blue light-blocking glasses are designed to be worn over prescription glasses or on their own, and are a high-quality stylish wrap-around design that blocks light from all directions.

And what has happened: my sleeping pattern has improved significantly. The light from TV or inside lighting does not disturb any more the melatonin production.  I have suggested the manufacturer to register these goggles as a medical device like Litebook LED light therapy unit.  Habits like watching late-night TV and reading in bed are linked to cancer. Read here how to protect yourself.