The long, hot and bright summer

5 08 2010

Summer has been hot and bright. I hope that you have enjoyed it. Be happy and see always the bright side of the life, like in this football video.  If your attitude to your troubles is positive, you can beat the troubles more easily. If there were no troubles, you could not beat them.  Sometimes life is difficult, sometimes easy. That is life.


Daylight in akitchen at Kuopio housing fair

Daylight in a kitchen at Kuopio housing fair


I have evaluated the lighting of the all houses at the Kuopio housing fair. Here is the short English resumé with 75  pictures. Totally there are 600 pictures at the AD-Lux internet pages. Find there the best solutions. Here is the video from the daylight house.

In my evaluation every lighting solution has got a school degree, from 4  to  10.  It seems  that the evaluation has been very stringent. The average was only 6,8.  Bad lighting way, which should be improved very much, got five houses. The best was 8,7.  In 90 %  of  houses the lighting was too blending. Only in one house the colors were seen as naturally as in real daylight.

At the fair we will give 20 000 pieces of my Home lighting guide free of charge, already 9. edition. At the back page  you can read this:

“It’s amazing to think that even though we spend two-thirds of our time living under artificial lighting, we’re not paying attention to the consequences for our body and mind. Whereas people are concerned about organic food, pure water and clean air, the element by which our very life came into existence – light – is often forgotten.

AD-Lux has promoted the use of daylight simulating light in Finland for over 25 years already. Today  more and more houses and also work places are completely lighted with full spectrum daylight lamps.

Because we see better in daylight lighting, our eyes are less tired and the colours of  the furnishings are real. Lighting designer Ilkka Pekanheimo’s studies in medicine, psychology, pedagogy and public health have helped a lot in the promotion of full spectrum daylight, which also has significant health effects.
This method of lighting further saves energy. As no incandescent and halogen lamps are used, it positively addresses the effects of climate change.”

I try to combine vacation and work. It is not easy, but possible.  If your work is like a hobby, you can enjoy it, because you can work at vacation – I mean be engaged in your hobby.  Fine.
Today Radio Savo in Kuopio interview me  of daylight lighting. You can see the Finnish article with pictures at the web page of Radio Savo.
13.-15.8 I will be in Kuopio. There will be also an international congress of full spectrum daylight.  The participants are from Nea Zealand, China, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Proudly I can show the beautiful nature in Kuopio and also best lighting ideas at the housing fair. The fair will be closed at 15.8.