The most artistic house in the world!

12 05 2011

The Finnish artist Jan-Erik Andersson’s Gesamtkunstwerk (or ‘Total Art Work’), the leaf shaped house Life on a Leaf, was completed in 2009. The unique house, which functions as a home for Andersson’s family in Turku, was first conceived in 1999. It was planned with architect Erkki Pitkäranta, with whom Andersson has worked for many years under the name Rosegarden Art & Architecture.


The house is the main part of Andersson’s Doctorate in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. In it Andersson imaginatively explores several issues, which address the relationship between art and architecture, and between a house and its surroundings: Can you live in a picture or a sculpture? In which ways can nature be mediated gradually into the house? Can a building based on stories and on representional shapes – like a leaf, a bluebell, and a Brasilian ferry – still be considered as architecture? Why don’t we see more houses shaped like flowers, hats or shoes? Doctoral study

Lighted by full spectrum lamps.

I reported in the opening party that under the full spectrum lamps the colors of the house are real and beautiful.

You can watch a video of the house here.

More info.

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