The Sounding Dome Sauna with full spectrum daylight LED lamps

28 05 2011

The garlic-shaped sauna, The Sounding Dome Sauna, designed by Jan-Erik Andersson is imaginative and fairytale-like.

the Sounding Dome Sauna,

the Sounding Dome Sauna

The sauna incorporates a soundscape created for it by the American sound artist Shawn Decker. The sauna’s world of sounds changes with the temperature and the humidity – once you throw water on the sauna stove, the sauna’s world of sounds will change. The sounds will emerge from the ”tops” of the garlic. The sauna is located in the historical Kupittaa Park in the outdoor swimming pool area opened in 1912.

The lighting of the sauna is also very special. There is an indirect full spectrum daylight LED lamps, only 13 W.   Read more.

The water oasis in Finland’s oldest and largest city park, Kupittaa Park, has three swimming pools and the visitors can enjoy a 27 C-degree-warm swimming water.  The Museum Centre of Turku is responsible for turning up the heat.

Listen the sounds of the sauna. Welcome, enjoy!




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