Holiday Home Fair in Finland 27.6. – 10.7.2011

25 06 2011

Here is the evaluation of the lighting at holiday home fair.

Our daylight houses are nr. 14 and 16.
Evaluation grades:
  • (10) = excellent way of lighting
  • (9)   = good way of lighting
  • (8)   = pretty good way of lighting
  • (7)   = not so good, should be improved
  • (6)   = not so good, should be improved a lot
  • (5)   = bad lighting way, should be improved very much
  • (4)   = very bad way of lighting, should be replanned
There is no 100 % correct opinion in the lighting. We hope that these evaluations would cause discussion and should make the lighting quality better in homes in Finland and in the whole world.

After looking these pictures you will understand, what is told in the evaluation of every house in the Finnish language, when you see the grade number after each text.
The daylight lighting of the houses nr 14 and 16 are non glaring and very pleasant, that can be enjoyed for decades. The lighting is also environmentally friendly as it is done with led´s and fluorescent lighting.
It’s amazing to think that even though we spend two-thirds of our time living under artificial lighting, we’re not paying attention to the consequences for our body and mind. Whereas people are concerned about organic food, pure water and clean air, the element by which our very life came into existence – light – is often forgotten.
Far too many houses were still lighted with halogens and incandescent lamps. They use a lot of energy and have a negative impact on climate change. So there are several reasons to change into better lighting already before we are obliged to do that by the law.
A problem at the fair was also blending lights, in up to 90% of all the houses. In around 50 % of the houses the glare was really bad. The colours of the interior was made incorrect by lighting in all other houses except nr 14 and 16, the daylight houses. Also old-time electronics were still in use in surprisingly many houses!

4th International Full-Spectrum Light conference

24 06 2011

Viva-Lite-kongressi Budapest 2011

The 4th Annual Viva-Lite full spectrum light conference was hold in Budapest, Hungary on the 18th of June, 2011. Viva-Lite partners from around the world met shortly to discuss latest research and studies on full-spectrum lighting usage.

The partners shared case studies from many different countries from people who have found benefit from full-spectrum light in their lives.

Viva-Lite has long been at the forefront of full-spectrum lighting technology and this conference saw the launch of the first real full spectrum daylight LED series in the world, amongst other innovations.