The evaluation of the lighting at the housing fair in Kokkola 2011

22 07 2011
Indirect lighing. Unfortunately the yellow color of the lighting destroys the colours of interior decorating..
The lighting designers of AD-Lux have evaluated the lighting in the houses in Kokkola housing fair.
Far too many houses were still lighted with halogens and incandescent lamps. They use a lot of energy and have a negative impact on climate change. So there are several reasons to change into better lighting already before we are obliged to do that by the law.
A problem at the fair was also blending lights, unfortunately in almost all houses. The colours of the interior was made incorrect by lighting in all houses. Also old-time electronics were still in use in surprisingly many houses. In the picture you see indirect lighting in an Estonian housing fair house, nr. 33. In this house there was  ingenious lighting. Unfortunately the yellow color of the lighting destroys the colors of interior decorating.
There is no 100 % correct opinion in the lighting. We hope that these evaluations would cause discussion and should make the lighting quality better in homes in Finland and in the whole world.
After looking these pictures you will understand, what is told in the evaluation of every house in the Finnish language, when you see the grade number after each text. The evaluation is here with 466 pictures.