My full spectrum daylight ideas may be unique in the whole Europe.

30 09 2012

I like to learn a lot of lighting you never seen before:

  • Indirect lighting with different light shelves
  • Lighting through opal plastic panels
  • Disguising of the basic light fixture on opal plastic
  • Bar light fixture, indirect light in the middle of room
  • Daylight LED panels, dimmable or non-dimmable
  • The newest LED products, LED tubes, E-27, GU10, MR16, E-14, GX53, panels

How to light different rooms at home

  • Lighting of the hall
  • Lighting of the kitchen
  • Lighting of the living room
  • Lighting of the nursery, childproof lighting which increases reading speed and lighting which reduces the fatigue of eyes
  • Lighting of the utility room and of the piece of clothing room
  • Lighting of the toilet
  • Lighting of the bathroom, high-quality mirror cupboard
  • Lighting of the workroom
  • Lighting of the stairs
  • Lighting of the sauna
  • Lighting of a technical state and warehouse
  • Lighting of the home theatre
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Lighting of the negotiation room

Avoid spot lamps and down light lamps, especially in families with children.

Here is a bad and good example.

There was planned near 100 pieces of led lamps (or halogens) in the ceiling. Because there was three children in the family, we took a red pencil and stoke all the down light lamps away. If a child lies on the floor, his eyes goes directly to the brightest light on the ceiling and can see the light several minutes. This is not a healthy situation.

The family tested our indirect lighting and the result is this:

Excellent example of lighting plan

Indirect light in the living room, all bed rooms, kitchen and working room. And when it comes direct lighting (led panels or plafonds), the diameter of the luminaire should be at least 300 mm. If it is only 50 mm or smaller, the light causes bad blending.

Collect a group of  5 – 20 persons, I will keep the lecture on the subject, which is suitable to you.

  • Lighting of the home and colours
  • Daylight as interior decoration element of the home
  • Lighting of the home – the most important interior decoration element
  • Lighting which increases work satisfaction and industrial safety

We tell about the significance of the daylight light as interior decoration element of a home and job. You see good examples of the separate premises of the home which have been lit well and stylishly. Up for discussion there are undazzled alternatives of the direct and indirect lighting and examples of the traditional ways to light also. With the lecture it is dealt with

  • significance of the lighting planning in building and decoration. In the comparison it also is traditional and ledLED lighting.
  • I advise how to choose the right lamp to home and to job.

The lighting ideas are emphasised

  • advantageous
  • energy saving
  • child safety and fire safety
  • in work lighting raising of the vigour state and improvement of industrial safety and feeling happy with the lighting

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