Habitare / Light fair in Helsinki in September 2013

6 10 2013

WT4-valolistan päällä on päivänvaloledinauha. Valo on puhtaan valkoista.

Habitare/Light fair (5 days) was excellent and very successful for me. There were over 54 000 visitors and this is much, because there is only 6,5 million people on Finland.
I had a 30 min. lecture every day.  This lecture was hold three times:  “Led lighting is coming – are you ready”. This was hold twice:  Daylight lighting as an element of  interior decoration.

After the lecture many people came and handshaked me, they told that the lecture was so excellent. The lighting and led information was so new for them.

I was also interviewed in Radio Nova, which is very popular in Finland, during the fair.  No other company at the light fair got such a publicity.