Children’s day-care center got health-promoting lighting

9 03 2014
In April 2014 in Turku was opened children’s day care center. It is lighted with full spectrum Viva-Lite daylight lamps.
  • 74 pcs 580 mm Jasmina plafonds, 2×36 W lamps
  • 8 pcs 800 mm Jasmina plafonds, 2×55 W lamps
  • 23 pcs plafond with presence detector, 2×18 W lamps
Full spectrum daylight lighting has many benefits. The colors and seeing accuracy are excellent, the reading speed is faster than in normal lighting. The light that has effects on health, it is especially important for children.
The children grown under daylight are less myopic and have less eye glasses
This has been showed by Australian and Swedish studies. The best light is, of course, full spectrum daylight outdoors. Also artificial full-spectrum daylight is useful if there is not enough real daylight. e.g. in winter time. Therefore, we recommend that the homes and schools would be illuminated with a stronger  daylight-like light and ask children to stay more in a real outdoor daylight. The longer a child stays outdoors in daylight, the better the vision he gets.  This is evident from the studies by Dr. Kathryn University of Sydney .
Children growing in daylight lighting has even less myopia, that means, the eye glasses are not often  needed .
Stockholm University study shows how important it is to study under full spectrum lamps. Full spectrum  lamps can help tired children. The survey found that schoolchildren were sharper. They were also more active during the day. In the evening, before going to bed, they were more tired. Movement monitors also revealed a better and more peaceful night’s rest.
Here are pictures of daylight Jasmina luminaires.  The lighting has got a lot of positive comments. It differs so much from the traditional.
Jasmina luminaires meets the needs of even the most difficult aspect of ergonomics and gives a pleasant smooth and efficient lighting. Because of the opal cover the brightness is low, and does not dazzle.
In 2015 a similar children’s day-care center will be lighted with full spectrum LED lamps.
More information 
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Stockholm School Survey, University of Stockholm stress the Institute’s research