ValoLight 9.-13.9.2015 in Helsinki, some ideas

10 09 2015

The ValoLight lighting event was hold at Fair Center Helsinki, Expo in conjunction with the Habitare fair. In addition to the programme targeted at professionals and the exhibitors’ displays, the ValoLight event offered information on new lighting products and trends, for visitors who are interested in domestic and interior design lighting.

The ValoLight event presents lighting products and solutions for public spaces, general lighting, homes and interiors; light fittings and other sources of light; outdoor lighting products and solutions; and lighting supplies.

IMG_2730 (1)

Beautiful Mistake presents a new series of unique coffee tables. By inviting artist Jan-Erik Andersson to design the tables, Beautiful Mistake is introducing the philosophy and aesthetics of Andersson’s unique ornate world to a worldwide audience. After all, this is the artist who audaciously created a house in the shape of a leaf (Life on a Leaf).
Andersson sees the table as a place – around, over and under – which communication occurs. He believes beautiful and lively design will loosen people up and inspire authentic interaction.



But this is very interesting. The stand has a new, genious and cheap lighting idea. Five daylight led bars with daylight led strip has been installed over the stand. The bright colors of the tables are original and not destroyed by the light as normally. .


Near all lamps at the Light show were LED lamps,  here are some best led lamps.


Better Home had indirect daylight led lamps and light shelves. Very good and modern way of lighting.


These luminaires are fine. I would rather light those with a daylight led lamp. The luminaire would be white.


Innolux has some interesting novelties. The light quality is now near white, for some years ago it was yellow.


Here are typical sauna lights. I recommend to light sauna with pleasant indirect lighting. You should install no lamps to the ceiling. No bright spot led lamps at all.


Moomin lights are always fine and funny.


Modern led luminaires. Good!


Kera Interior has good design.


LED luminaires of KT Interior.


Nice Vita luminaires.


The advice of lighting designer: do not show the lamp through the shade of the luminaire. It may bee too bright as here.


This is something BIG.


New design from Loivu. The touch of nature, made of birch.


Lighting by RGB is according to my opinion an unnecessary trick. There are no studies to show, how the continuously changing color affects to peoples well-beeing. The effect is not undoubtedly positive. The eyes will strain, when they always must adapt to a new color world. Also the color of interior decoration changes all the time.


Food is lighted here with lamps of four different color. Meat gets more red color, bread more yellow color etc. The lighting is unnatural. According my opinion this is cheating the people. Try to light meat and bread with full spectrum daylight. The colors would be excellent, meat is red and it is good looking. This would be the honest way of lighting.


Very bright led luminaire for outdoors, e.g. for harbour lighting.


Pro valo, Pro light. I would say Pro daylight.  Ask more.