Lighting at the Housing fair in Finland 2017

24 07 2017

The annual Housing Fair in Mikkeli 2017 is the 48th event of its kind. 98% of Finland’s adult population know the event. Lighting designer Ilkka Pekanheimo has evaluated the lighting of the houses at the Housing fair in Mikkeli. This link  will tell you more about the idea of housing fairs and this link about Mikkeli housing fair.

Here is the lighting evaluation of Housing fair in 2017.

Here is the evaluation in  Finnish with more pictures.

Lighting at the Housing fair in Finland 2015

14 07 2015

The annual Housing Fair in Vantaa 2015 is the 46th event of its kind. 98% of Finland’s adult population knows the event. Lighting designer Ilkka Pekanheimo has evaluated the lighting of the houses at the Housing fair in Vantaa.  This leaflet tells more about the idea of housing fairs.

It’s amazing to think that even though we spend two-thirds of our time living under artificial lighting, we’re not paying attention to the consequences of this light for our body and mind. Whereas people are concerned about organic food, pure water and clean air, the element by which our very life came into existence – light – is often forgotten.

At the House Fair 2015, there were houses, where all lighting was done by using led lamps. This leads to a new problem in lighting:  led strips are reflecting from the shiny surfaces. Hence, one should choose the type of surface before lighting with led strips. Do not choose black shiny surface to the kitchen if you use led strips. If you choose shiny surfaces, choose indirect lighting.

One problem at the fair were blending lights, unfortunately found in almost all the houses. The colors of the interior were made incorrect by lighting in almost all the houses.

There is no 100 % correct opinion on the lighting. I hope that this evaluation would create discussion and would contribute to make the lighting quality better in homes in Finland and in the whole world.

In my Finnish blog you can see 400 lighting pictures. If you would like to see 6000 home lighting pictures more from Housing fairs 1998 – 2014, contact Ilkka Pekanheimo.

Best lightings

  • House 22, LakkaLaine.  Excellent indirect solutions, only a few glaring luminaires. The color rendering index of the lamps was not good.  The color temperature is too low.
  • House  26, Villa Kapee.Excellent indirect solutions, only a few glaring luminaires. The color rendering index of the lamps was not good.   The color temperature is too low.
  • House 29, Villa Chili.    Excellent indirect solutions. The color rendering index of the lamps was excellent.  The light was pure white, the color temperature was 5000 – 5500 K. Beautiful colors, no glaring. In utility room you can see comparison of light: red chili in the right box is lighted with 5500 K light and in the left box with 2900 K light.  You can see also the difference in the color of the flower. The difference is amazing.

In fact, Villa Chili is the only house at housing fair, which is lighted with 5500 K daylight. If I would evaluate only the light quality, lacking of glaring, and the correct colors of interior design, Villa Chili would be the winner.

Some good and bad examples from the fair


A daylight led strip (5500 K) is installed into aluminium bar, painted with white. The bar is in the position of 45 degrees and light is directed to the wall. The wall is painted yellow like yellow chili. This color makes a warm atmosphere to the room. The daylight led shows the color of the wall as original.


There is a led strip (5500 K) at the front rand of the kitchen cabin. It is directed to the back wall with help of the aluminium bar in the angle of 45 degrees. You can see very well on the desk, no glare, no reflecting light. The wall is painted yellow.


All working surfaces should be lighted. You should put indirect lighting also on the cabin. The light color of the kitchen hood should also be the same color. Children and short people should not see the light under the cabin.


Better alternative would be indirect lighting. These small led luminaires cause a restless atmosphere and too little light in the room. I prefer 5500 K led panels and bigger size.


A daylight led lamp in outdoor luminaire should show the colors of the nature as original. In this luminaire the lamp is too yellow. Also in the winter the snow would be white in daylight lighting. If you have dogs in the house, it does not matter. A better alternative for bollard luminaire is indirect lighting: put the led strip on the upper rand of the white wall and put a small moulding on it so that you will not see the strip, only the reflecting light.


Avoid these upwards directed luminaires. They cause a very bad glare, when you walk near the luminaire or when the children crawl on the floor. They have no lighting meaning, maybe they light only the birds, which are flying over. This is a useless luminaire.


When you paint the ceiling with strong red color in the children’s room, it may be a color psychological mistake only if it is strong red. Avoid also small led lamps, they are too bright when you see them from the bed.


A good way to light a bathroom. The 3 mm opal plastic should be ca. 72 % transparent and you can light it with led strip or led tube.


Switch off the light!


Try 5500 K 8 – 12 W daylight lamp in these luminaires. The luminaire turns pure white and the colors in the room correct. You can also see better in the room.


A led strip is reflecting from the dark working desk. Avoid this by using 45 degree aluminium bar for led.


This is bad light.


This is good lighting. In the evenings you need candles on the table.


Indirect light is a beautiful way to light. The light should be continuous no dark intervals should be. I prefer pure white, 5500 K daylight. This is too yellow. You do not need the small lamps on the ceiling. They make a restless atmosphere.


Lighting by RGB is according to my opinion an unnecessary trick. There are no studies to show, how the continuously changing color affects to peoples well-beeing. The effect is not undoubtedly positive. The eyes will strain, when they always must adapt to a new color world. Also the color of interior decoration changes all the time.


An excellent non-glare way to light a jacuzzi. How ever, this light may be the “white” from RGB. The color rendering index of RGB white is only 20, so never use it. A continuous changing RGB here is awful, but it is my opinion. Do not care about it.


An indirect lighting near to timbers is an excellent way to light. Even better, if you use 5500 K pure white light. The color of the wood would be original.


I would put colorful paintings on the wall and not these luminaires, which are changing the color of the wall. Lighting by indirect way.


The spot lights in the light bar is an easy solution but not elegant. The lamps are very glare when you look at them. The colors of the interior decoration will be destroyed because of the bad quality of the light. Too yellow, may be 2900 K. It should be 5500 K, in my opinion.


The correct installing place of the led strip is in front of the cabin and it should be directed to the back wall. You should not see the light at the long distance of the kitchen to the room. It has no use.


This is one of the worst way to light. The light causes glare and when it has a 2700 K lamp, the light destroys the colors of the room. If possible, turn the lamps towards the ceiling.

Lighting Clinique, something special in Finland

11 02 2012
Lighting Clinique

Lighting Clinique

AD-Lux will be during the next months at 7 different building fair. We will give at the fairs two daylight lectures in a day, so we will keep over 30 lectures in Finland soon. Daylight is coming over Finland and this is positive.

We also have a special “lighting Clinique”, where everybody can reserve 15 min time and we help in their home lighting free of charge. And we are dealing our home lighting guide and are showing light novelties, e.g. daylight led lamps.

A house lighted with full spectrum Viva-Lite

25 03 2009


Today I made a lighting plan for a bigger house together with the owner/builder. See here the first lighting plan of the ground floor and the second floor. They ordered almost 70 Viva-Lite daylight lamps and more than 50 meters of stylish moulding for indirect lighting. See more about these mouldings. Click the picture on the right and click Wallstyl WT4. Yet another happy family with children.

One of the best lighted houses in Finland

21 02 2009


In Seinäjoki, Finland, there was on 21.2.2009 a Jämerä-Stonehouse (made of aircrate) showing. What made that occasion very special, was the lighting of the house: the whole house was lighted with fullspectrum daylight lamps, both compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and fluorescent tubes (FSL). If this house would build in 2015, all the lighting would be LED.
There is plenty of good light in the house which is very important because the family has children. Children need a lot of daylight to be able to develop in a good way. The lighting was carried out mostly indirectly by fullspectrum lamps and tubes. The family is very satisfied with this lighting.
Her the 226 sqm, 2-store, 7-room Jämerä-Stonehouse almost completed.
Hallway. A Jasmina 2×36 W -fixture.Very adequate lighting. Good visibility.
“Dirt” entry. A Jasmina 2×18 W -fixture. Good visibility.
Kitchen. Underneath the cupboard there are normal (14, 21, 28, 35 W) IP64 Saalinki-fixtures. The moulding will be fitted to prevent glare. Their electronics (ballast) are placed  on top of the cupboard.
Kitchen. Saalinki-fixtures  on top of the cupboards. High Power lamps (24, 39, 49 ja 54 W) are being used. Excellent visibility on the desk.
Kitchen. A Milano 2×54 W pendant lamp. The lighting in kitchen is of more than 30 W/sqm.
Kitchen. Excellent lighting.
Kitchen. Saalinki-fixtures under the cupboard,
electronics on top of it.
Kitchen. Lamps are placed overlapping in order to get  an even lighting.
Kitchen. Viva-Lite-lamp  is attached underneath the cupboard (or on moulding) with metallic clips.
Kitchen. A hood from Lapetek. The original lamp has been changed to 21 W Viva-Lite -lamp. Excellent visibility and no glare from the ceramic stove.
Living room. Indirect lighthing by High Power (49 or 54 W) Viva-Lite tubes with dimmable electronics.
Living room. A stylish moulding round the room above the windows. Excellent visibility.
Living room. A stylish moulding.
Living room. Stylish moulding, excellent visibility.
Bedroom. A 2×55 W Jasmina-fixture.
Bedroom. Saalinki-fixtures  on top of the cabinet. Lighting is sufficient for reading in bed.
Bedroom. Saalinki-fixtures  on top of the cabinet. Good visibility.
Bedroom. Saalinki-fixtures  above windows on top of moulding. In front a Lugano-pendant lamp with Viva-Lite tubes.
Bedroom. Saalinki-fixtures  on top of moulding.
Bedroom. A 2×55 W Jasmina-fixture gives a good and glarefree lighting.
Bedroom. Saalinki-fixture on top of moulding.
Utility room. Two 2×18 W:n Jasmina-fixtures give a good and even lighting also on desks.
Under the stairs. Indirect lighting.
Under the stairs. A IP20-Saalinki-fixture.
The stairs. Saalinki-fixtures  will be placed later in corners behind moulding.
Upstairs hallway. Two 2×35 W Lugano-fixtures with Viva-Lite tubes.
Bedroom. Seen from upstairs hallway. A Lugano-fixture in the foreground.
Walk-in-closet. A 2×18 W Jasmina-fixture gives sufficient lighting.
Toilet nr 1. A 2×18 W:n Jasmina shows the colours beautifully.
Toilet nr 2. A 2×18 W:n Jasmina shows the colours beautifully..
Bathroom. Saalinki-fixtures  around the lowered ceiling. They will be covered with opal panels.
Bathroom. Saalinki-fixtures  around the lowered ceiling. Very sufficient lighting.
Sauna. Under the bench on both sides a 18 W TR3-fixture (IP67), with  Viva-Lite-daylight lamp.
Sauna. Under the bench on both sides a 18 W TR3-fixture (IP67), with  daylight lamp. The wooden bench seems beautiful.
Sauna. Lighting comes beautifully  through the openings on the bench.
Sauna. Lighting comes beautifully  through the openings on the bench. No glare.
In 2015 this sauna would be lighted with LED.