ECG LED Tubes T5 & T8

21 04 2016


Our unique and innovative heat management, combined with the highest efficient LED Chips (Nichia) provides our customer an instant and easy saving of >65% compared to the classical fluorescence tubes. The existing electronic ballast will be used with our LED tube in the same way as with the conventional luminaires. This guarantee that the lifetime of the ballast stays the same.

As we don’t use an internal ballast to change the current of the external electronic ballast, we can match all existing fluorescence ballast. If you have a nonstandard electronic ballast, we have custom build end cap, which can match any of your existing ballast.

With our product you get a unique efficiency with over 150 lm/W, so you can save another 20 to 30% compared with other products. This will give you additional huge savings and much shorter ROI.

  • Instant LED T8 and T5 retrofit for electronic ballast (ECG)
  • efficient Nichia LED Chips (185 lm/W), LM80, efficient diffusor. Total net luminaire efficiency >150 lm/W
  • lifetime >50 000 operating hours (L70B10)
  • works with 99.9% all standard electronic ballast
  • any non-standard electronic ballast we can build special converter (simply replace of the end cap)
  • unique solution for T5 (inbuilt converter and still enough lumen output)
  • dimmable (if ballast supports), emergency lighting compatibility
  • best heat management with enough aluminium, guarantees lifetime
  • 150-degree beam angle
  • IP44 protection, operating temperature -20 to +50 degree Celsius
  • Colour rendering index CRI >80
  • CE, VDE approved, fulfil EU norm IEC 62776 und ErP
  • 5 years’ warranty

More information, you can order also sample lamps: